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released September 29, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bob Prenger

Artwork by Corey Purvis

Written and performed by Sam Dickerson



all rights reserved


Puru Dayton, Ohio

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Track Name: Stagnant Air
all this work i laid here i paid with my late night thoughts about my being
when did it turn 1am i think its time i put this down and get some sleep
but im not tired
notebooks pens and novels that i spread around the room
in no particular order my guitar stays out of tune
the room stays dark and quiet i think i like it that way
but please excuse the noise i know its rowdy and i
need to get some sleep i know
im isolated from a world unknown
its only getting worse from day to day
debauchery has a hold on its prey
im breathing in the little bit of life i have with stagnant air
im breathing in for you
and i know that im not dead but if i keep this up i will be
locked away in my own room
and i need to know exactly who i am
i write it down so i can have a plan
as information leaves my brain decays
and i begin to hollow out my days
Track Name: What The Future Brings
so here we are again the same place since last spring
another year goes by im still not callousing
and im so scared of what the future brings
ill hibernate and you will spread your wings
its become inevitable
and i will see you again
dont forget my place
we dont even have to talk and thats okay well sit here
and ill be waiting for you to never leave my side
and thats fine with me
do you remember the time you argued with my about whos phone is better i know mine is better
you say its old and i get offended
its vintage darling and dont you forget it
ill write a book of our inside jokes like your curly hair and my spongebob quotes
and how you miss when my hair was dreaded its too high maintenance and i dont regret it
Track Name: Blue Walls
the colors of my room they seem to change
trapped in one place you feel the saturation rising
the different shades of blue surround my space
the white textured ceiling
Track Name: The Kid I Once Was
dont care if im alone
ideas are made at home
and i know that im to blame for all of this
or the lack of this
i put this on myself
im not blaming no one else
and i know that im too young to feel this way
or is it that because im young
and im calling out on every mistake ive done but at least i know that i did it right
without them id be incomplete misdirected obsolete a tyrant for the kid i once was
i went for a walk today
saw your shadow in the gray
and i know that mine was nowhere to be found
you got an upgrade i got replaced
you took my time from me
im not finding any peace
making up that time is not an easy task when you sit in your room and sleep
Track Name: To My Future Nobody
you will never be found
finding implies i was looking for you
ive trained my eyes to follow the truth
and the truth is im not happy subscribing to human beings
and yeah i havnt met you yet but i know
youve got a thing about you thats hard to let go
what i really want is purpose and the truth is youre not worth it
and i think its funny
ill be lonely either way
if she goes or if she stays
ill find a way to make mistakes ive always made
and when i made up my mind the only thing that ill find is that ill one day leave that girl behind
and im sorry ahead of time
but i cant put you through this now
and i cant find
a single reason
its temporary happiness
youll walk through the door
ill let you in
a few years from now we'll never talk again
Track Name: Trance
i met you
at a strange part in my life
and maybe thats why i find you so magnetic
i cancel you out like everyone else
believe it or not i have my doubts
and maybe thats why you think my hearts prosthetic
i met you
at a painful part in my life
and if nothing else you were my anesthetic
and i know im clingy im far from classy
and im not perfect but you make me happy
i know you want change but you match me exactly
its hard to admit that you have put me in a trance
i lost you
at a cold part in my life
when you said my name my heart became metallic
im giving up youre moving out
the thought of us increases doubt
im callousing youve shown me how
but one thing never changed
youve got me in a trance